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Information you should know before booking any party bus.


Make sure the party bus you book has “PT” license plates.


If you plan to consume alcoholic beverages on the bus, then the bus must have “PT” plates to be legal. Without “PT” plates, open container laws apply just as they would with a car.

All of our buses have “PT” plates.


Ask if the bus company is DOT certified.


If the bus company is not DOT certified, then it is illegal for the bus to cross state lines.

Ultimate Party Bus Rentals is DOT certified.


Make sure the bus company has passed all safety inspections.


Ultimate Party Bus Rentals passed a recent DOT audit with the highest safety rating. All of our drivers are safety trained and participate  in a random drug and alcohol testing program.


Beware of bus companies that do not charge for travel time.


Time and fuel cost a bus company money. Companies that do not charge for travel time have been known to cancel bookings when a more profitable booking opportunity presents itself.

As far as we know, we are the only company that lists our prices online. We offer guaranteed pricing with no hidden charges.







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